About Us

Our Mission

“To provide equal access to affordable, flexible, and personalized home care by harnessing the power of local communities to improve the quality of care for seniors and their families.”

Core Values

Equal Access to Care

Affordable Care Options

Harness the Power of Community

Leverage Technology

An Open & Transparent Platform

Our Story

“Hi – I’m George Koenig, the founder of eCaregivers. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. My home care story dates back to when I was just 7 years old. At that time, and where I grew up, it was common for family and neighbors to care for the elderly when they needed help. I remember my great aunts moving in with my family so that we could care for them when they needed us. During that time I helped bring them trays of food and keep them company. They always wanted to hold my hand and tell me stories, and throughout my life I have never forgotten how grateful they were for the time I spent with them and the hands I held.

Fast forward past college, graduate school and a business career, and I eventually found my way back to home care, opening a full service family owned & operated agency in 2001. Throughout these years, I have learned a lot about home care and the many challenges that families and their loved ones face in finding care. Today, many families are looking to help their parents or loved ones while living in another state, as our society has become more transient. Many families also can not afford a full service agency and all the benefits they offer. And then there are families who desperately wish for more transparency and control in the process. After all, home care is deeply personal, and the matching of seniors and care providers’ personalities as well as skill levels is extremely important to a successful relationship.

As technology has changed, I and my team have become determined to design a solution to the challenges of traditional home care. Today, I am incredibly proud to offer eCaregivers as that solution. eCaregivers empowers the community to care for seniors and their families by harnessing local care providers to make finding quality care quicker, more transparent, and often more affordable. Our mission is to meet the challenges of 21st century home care while simultaneously bringing it back to where it all began – family and friends supported by their local community, aging with grace and dignity, and of course some hand holding.”

Our Team

George K.

Chief Strategy Advisor & Founder

Colleen K.

Director of Business Development & Founding Team Member

Peter K.

Director of Marketing & Social Media & Founding Team Member

Rachel K.

Founding Team Member

David G.

Chief Technology Officer